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Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching to Empower You

Suffering with anxiety? Loss of joy? Poor sleep?
Lack of confidence? Feeling stuck?

Change is possible, often simple …

… and much easier with support and guidance

Choose to transform your life today

Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching to Empower You

Suffering with anxiety? Loss of joy? Poor sleep?
Lack of confidence? Feeling stuck?

Change is possible, often simple …

… and much easier with support and guidance


I am a registered life coach (AC), hypnotherapist (CNHC) and Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming: ANLP) practitioner and trainer with over 20 years’ experience enabling people to get the positive life changes they want.

Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy & NLP, when combined with neuroscience and evidence based practice, offers a powerful cocktail for deep personal development and growth, providing  you with the insight and tools to flourish. Living with joy and purpose gives huge benefits to your mental health and wellbeing.

I have helped many clients to:

  • Become more confident, joyful and empowered
  • Find the courage to navigate significant life events & step into a new chapter
  • Live with purpose & passion, turning dreams into reality
  • Develop from employee to social entrepreneur
  • Live with better relationships
  • Effectively manage stress & increase resilience
  • Reduce anxious feelings and enjoy challenges with new confidence
  • Discover new ways to live with less depression
  • Move from insomniac to someone who sleeps well naturally
  • Learn cognitive behaviour change techniques for improved mental health
  • Review daily habits & become more productive with less effort

Hypno-coaching with me is healing and transforming. The difference between therapy and life coaching is primarily the focus on your future and taking action, so that you can move beyond your past. I can help you to recognise and resolve any unhelpful patterns or behaviours that no longer serve you, so that you can flourish. Together we will strengthen your mindset, increase your focus on whatever brings you joy and enable you to transform your future.

Each coaching package I offer, brings together the research and evidence-based techniques that can transform specific life challenges, which I then tailor to fit your unique experience.

I have specific packages to inspire mature (50+) women who have experienced significant life changes – e.g. menopause; empty nest; redundancy; bereavement – to help them re-evaluate their sense of self, reconnect with their passions and step into their best Act 3 with courage, confidence and compassion.

I’ve had an extensive career in social and youth work, with in-depth knowledge of the public and charity sectors. I therefore specialise in helping those who care for others – e.g. social workers, nurses, teachers, and I can offer discounted packages for clients in this area, including strategy coaching for those within leadership positions.

Reviews of my coaching can be found on my
NLP profile, Google and Trustpilot.

I am available for discovery calls, so you won’t pay anything until you are convinced that I can provide you with the clarity needed to understand your goals. And to support you to reach them. You can also get a taste of my coaching at one of my many training workshops.

Hypnotherapy with psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to experience being deeply listened to, in a compassionate, non-judgemental, confidential and affirming, therapeutic, professional relationship. You may need time and support to process past experiences before you feel ready to rebuild and choose your future. I have had personal experience of living with stress and anxiety, lack of direction and compromised self-care. Learning how to live better is both possible and rewarding.

Make the choice to give yourself the gift of your best life. You are worth it. Take action and turn your dreams into your reality.


“I was so nervous whenever I went to an interview I froze and couldn’t answer any questions. After one session with Issy I sailed through my next interview and got the promotion I’d long wanted.”


“Issy helped me to understand how to walk alongside fear and have the courage to do what is needed to bring about change. If someone wants a coach who has your back, has their best interests and is genuinely rooting for you then Issy is the coach for you”


“I would recommend coaching with Issy to anyone who finds they need to adjust to unexpected life changes.”



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