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Training Programmes

Personal Development Workshops

I organise these workshops regularly through my Eventbrite page. Each will provide an explanation of the ways our brain/body works (the neuroscience) with experiential exercises that demonstrate how we can apply that knowledge to get the results we want. Participants leave with a greater understanding of the topic and practical tools/techniques.

Previous workshop topics include:

  • How to Tame Anxiety

  • NLP Diploma and Practitioner training

  • Stress Management

  • Developing Confidence

  • Empowerment – make the impossible possible.

  • Dare to Dream – Achieve your Goals with Productivity

  • Positive and Powerful Parenting

  • How to Support and Grow Resilience

  • Advanced Communication Skills for Professionals in the Care industries

  • Effective Leadership Skills for Challenging Times

“Your ‘how to tame anxiety’ workshop was practical, interesting and very useful!”

Michael Kosminsky, Marketing Manager at ‘How to Tame Anxiety’.

Organisational Development

I have considerable experience of leadership in  socially driven, community organisations. My facilitation and organisational development are drawn from generative and asset-building models that seek to maximise the human resources in the organisation.

It is a highly cost-effective and meaningful approach that has repeatedly resulted in increased staff retention, productivity, focus and quality. The classes include scenarios such as:

  • Facilitation of staff meetings that produce more effective teams

  • Facilitation of Board/Trustee development days & regular meetings to clarify vision and purpose for more effective organisations

  • Team development

  • Effective leadership

  • Value-driven Leadership strategy

“The working atmosphere has really improved and we are all now 'walking' in the same direction.”

Carola, Community Centre Manager, Lordship Rec Park

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  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Social Justice

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